Pass Report Parameter into Image Key

IGNITION: v8.1.0 Vision - Reporting Module

We have a report image that needs to change when the Customer changes.

The image files (as files) are located on the Gateway. …typically: png, svg and jpg.

The report parameter @CustomerFilespec@ is configured as a String and is the value of ImageShape ( Key Property ).

In the properties…
ImageShape ( Key Property) = CustomerFilespec

(also tried)
ImageShape ( Key Property ) = @CustomerFilespec@

The documentation refers to a Key Browser, but doesn’t indicate the format of the key field when passed as a parameter.

What is the format of the key field, from a parameter standpoint?

We’ve tried the @CustomerFilespec@ parameter values:

…the above values seem to make the parser happy, but the image is not displayed.

Debug: TextShape (Text Property ) = @CustomerFilespec@
Results: As expected, per the @CustomerFilespec@ input value above, without the double quotes.

Also, we’ve tried hard coding the paths to the key…same result.

Also 2, I’ve tried jpg and svg…same result.

Basically, we need a way of dynamically sourcing the image to the report, feeding in additional report parameters and saving the report as a pdf, from a script.


The key parameter needs to contain the image bytes, not a path.
You could use the path in a script to get the image and convert it to bytes and store it as a new data key you can use as the key parameter.

As a side note, I’ve noticed the ImageShape can render pdf bytes as well. With much better results!

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Thanks for the insight.