Pass value from one tag to another

How would I pass a value from one tag to another?

I have a time structure that updates every 12 hours, and I would like to update the RTC in my PLC’s with the Hour and Minute but cannot figure out how to pass the updated Hour and Minute to my PLC tags.

If I understand correctly you want to copy the value of one opc tag into another opc tag.

You can do that using transaction groups.

See bellow


That’s what i was looking for. Thank you much

You can also use a tag event script to write the value of one tag to another in scripting.

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Any updates to this post? I, too, have a need to copy the value of a tag to other tags throughout my project. I want to have a static tag that can be copied to the writeable tag of a tcp device; basically a trigger to fire a bar code scanner.

How do you want to trigger your scanner? For example do you want it to happen in response to something else or when you press a button?

The PLC will tell us when the part is in place on the workcell after it has been positioned and locked in place, so we will fire the scanner trigger from a tag event on the PLC. We will actually have 10 workcells doing basically the same process.

In that case I think Greg’s idea is the simplest and most direct - put a tag event script on the incoming tag from the PLC and write whatever value you want to the tag controlling the scanner. This will then work without any intervention from you and can be expanded up to as many PLCs and scanners as you want.