Passing a param to Main header

Hi All,

I am using a menu tree with a target that carry’s the site name to another screen using the page URL with :/SiteID. I want to pass the same paran to my main docked header.
but i cant find a way to pass the param to a docked view. Has anyone else found a solution to this problem?

Hey Philip,

You can “pass” a parameter value onto your docked header from the primary view. Create a custom session prop, create a Custom Parameter on your docked header view then bind that to the Custom Session Prop that you just created. On your Primary View Parameter, right click and select “add change script” then set the Custom Session Prop equal to the currentValue (ex. self.session.custom.test = currentValue.value). Depending on your setup, you might have to add multiple custom session props. Hope this helps!


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