Passing a parameter from the parent window

Hello, I have a template with a button on it. This button is a navigation button. When this button is pressed at the template repeater, I need it to pick up 3 parameters and pass them. I have the root container of the parent window with the three custom parameters. This is where the template repeater is located. I can’t seem to figure out how the button picks up on these parameters to pass them to the next window. I was able to pass the parameters to the template repeater but this didn’t help. I’ve tried different solutions on the internet. Most of them end up with saying there is a ‘nonetype’ so I tried to adjust the addressing to try and find it. When it doesn’t fault out, my parameters are blank in the target window. I’ve been at this for hours, any help is appreciated.

I’m guessing you must be using Vision.

The solution that I think most directly gets what you want is

root = system.gui.getParentWindow(event).getRootContainer()
propVal1 = root.customProp1
propVal2 = root.customProp2
propVal_n = root.customPropN

# some scripting to move to a new window and pass the parameters

I don’t know everything about your use case, but I’ve also had good luck using Vision Client tags when I need to pass pieces of data through multiple levels.

OH WOW! :smiley: That got it! I was doing this: root.getComponent(‘customProp1’) and getting a blank, then when I tried the same with a .value it would give a nonetype. Thank you so much!

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