Passing Alerts into the Operating Systems Notifier

Im making a list of ways to parse the alert information into on screen notifiers. I have Ubuntu figured out, and also looking at Growl on a Mac.

Install libnotify-bin

sudo aptitude install libnotify-bin

Create either a DB Tag or a Client tag with the following expression script


Import the attached package into your project.

Finally, make the following tag change script, referencing the DB/Client Tag you previouly created.

alarms = system.alert.queryAlertStatus(activeAndUnacked=1,clearAndUnacked=1)
if alarms.rowCount > 0:
	app.notify.notifyAlarm(alarms.getValueAt(0,"Path"), alarms.getValueAt(0,"State Name"))

You should get something like the following screenshot (310 Bytes)

Very cool! Thanks for posting this :smiley: