Passing data out of a popup is throwing me through a loop

I know I am missing something simple here…

I have a valve that has a virtual HOA associated with it. There is a valve graphic on my HMI that when you click on it opens a popup with the HOA selector. I am passing in the HOA value as an integer (0= off, 1 = auto, 2= hand) which is tied to a Mult-state button. It is indicator is just fine so I know its not an issue with passing parameters in but for some reason I can’t pass the HOA selection back out of the popup to the tag. I can edit the HOA value in the tag browser so I know the connection to the PLC is fine. I believe my issue lies in some tag is not set to bidirectional but I cannot figure out where its at. The HOA multi-state button is bi-directional, so it should send it right back out of the popup. .

I am wondering if its having issues passing the parameter values back out of the popup as I didn’t set anything special on there except for the “Pass Parameters” box. I know I am missing something dumb but can anyone see a spot where I tripped up.

This sort of thing is generally handled by passing the tagpath to the popup, not a value, and letting the popup have a bidirectional indirect tag binding.

That worked, thanks again @pturmel!

Just to elaborate, it’s best to pass in the path to the device itself eg the valve, and then create indirect tag bindings using the device tag path (instead of passing in the tag path to just the hoa tag in case that’s how you interpreted Phil’s reply). I would normally pass in the DeviceParentPath and the DeviceName and then combine this using an expression into DeviceTagPath. That way it’s easy to multi select templates on your page that all belong to the same parent path, and then jut set their device names individually. It also means if I need to display or use the device name in the popup, I can without first pulling it from the full device tag path.