Passing data to perspective app from extrernal source

There is an existing standalone python application that launches a Vision client instance of an application and passes some data via a couple csv files. (the standalone application will get ported to Ignition eventually but isnt a priority right now)

The issue arises when trying to port said Vision application to perspective. Since browsers cannot acces local file systems this method of passing data isnt viable. I could pass the data via the page link but that is less than ideal. Any suggestions?

I am thinking of using the WebDev module to create an API endpoint with the doPost method but dont know how I would make sure the data gets to the right session (since there are going to be upwards of 20 active sessions at a time)

Maybe the file upload component could be what you're looking for ?


Thanks for the suggestion, but that would require the user to manually select the file they want to upload. I want to read the files during application startup without user input.

This data is user specific? Could it be stored in a database instead?

Not gonna happen. A browser automatically accessing and reading files on the client's machine ? Imagine what that implies.

Anyway, I'd say relying on the user having a specific file with the right name at the right path is probably not the best idea.
Mandatory upload at startup might be a solution ?

Otherwise, we'll need to know more about what the whole thing is about to be able to suggest proper alternatives.


Sounds like you cannot port this application. Consider deferring the Perspective port for a couple years and see what is possible.