Passing in (how to use) tag address value for Control/Indicator values - Momentary button on template

I want a momentary button as a template, that will ultimately show different backgrounds for two different states. This problem is about the variable control and indicator values.
I need to pass in the (PLC) tag address as a string to the template, to bind the Control and Indicator values to. If I bind the template Control value directly to a tag it works fine, as evidenced in the PLC value changing.
But I have a string template property that I set to the tag address and then want to bind the template control value to ‘that’. I am using the Indirect Tag as show in image below, but this is not working, no errors shown. So, whatever I might be missing, any tips. Thanks much to this group as always.

Where you have ControlValue in the shown Property Path, you should have your string parameter.

OK. That ControlValue ‘is’ the string parameter that is the tag value. It is set in the Vision Window that using the template as shown below. So the .ControlValue should be set to [GC_RCK]SELECT_3A_PB. Thx.

The string value should be the path. Right click on the tag and select copy path, then paste that value.

Great, I got it, thanks to both of you. It was a minor syntax screw up on my part. I did an edit tag and used the OPC item path syntax, but a click on tag in browser, right-click copy path…, yeah…