Passing Minor Alarm data to Ignition

Is there a specific process to pass minor fault codes from a PLC to a Ignition Dashboard? Is it as simple as having a Minor Fault tag in the PLC logic and coding a tag in ignition to connect to the PLC tag and display the minor fault data via a label of sorts on ignition?

Might want to give details on your specific PLC(s)

PLC is Allen Bradley L310ER

My vote is to use GSVs in your PLC and get the fault info into a tag or UDT and then just read these tags in Ignition. If you create a UDT in the PLC you can create a UDT in Ignition to match, which makes creating tags in Ignition simple and quick and easy to maintain.

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Appreciate the help!

That is just my opinion, others may have some help as well

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Be sure to put it in the fault handling routine.

Also there’s a spreadsheet that may be of use to you.

If you are only wanting minor fault info there isn’t a need for using a fault handler routine. Wanting major faults would though.

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I downloaded that spreadsheet today actually haha. Thank you for the recommendation though!