Passing Multiple Parameters Using runScript

This is my shared script.

This is my expression.

This is the Error message.

I have tried different iterations for passing the variables, but none have seemed to work.
I’ve tried
runScript(“shared.Fault.linesection(”{Conveyor Dev.LineName}","{Conveyor Dev.SectionName}")", 10000), gives me Syntax Error on Token: ‘BOUND CONST’(Line 1, Char 60)
runScript(“shared.Fault.linesection(”+{Conveyor Dev.LineName}+","+{Conveyor Dev.SectionName}+")", 10000), same error
and so on.

If someone can see where I have went wrong, constructive criticism is welcome

It seems to have passed my variables in this format:
runScript(“shared.Fault.linesection”, 10000, {Conveyor Dev.LineName},{Conveyor Dev.SectionName})
now I’m just stuck on a secondary problem.

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Whats the secondary problem?

That script and expression seem to work, I’m having a problem calling a second global script in a different expression, but I believe there is just an error in my script. I’m looking into it now.