Passing parameter from a row to view

Hello, I am trying to send the id parameter to another view but i don’t know if is this the way.
I am geeting the ID from the selected row

but the parameter do not arrive to the other view

I try also…

I struggled with that at first too, but their is an easier way… if you look here Perspective - Table - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation ( under the columns param then viewParams…

Will be added to implicit parameters as follows: {row:number;rowIndex:number;value:PlainObject;…viewParams}

So in your view, you can access the data directly without passing anything in. Create a rowData object as a param in your view with the idreferncia key and the value for that row will be automatically passed in. Unless you have something custom to pass all the data of the row is passed in for you.

In the picture i point the variable value that is the value of idreferencia and i put the value in the viewparams.
The idea is that the value go out. has to go to a “template”. I do not recive the value in the template. I have test the template and is working. But the i don’t know how to pass this value to the template.

Itry also that

I thought that this will be the way but it doesn’t work.

Maybe y didn’t understand you, but i understand that you tell me to put the parameter in the viewParams.