Passing parameter to pop up window not retained with multiple openWindow calls

Sorry, a bit of a newbie here yet, if missing something obvious.

From a Power Table on a main form, on an onDoubleClick event, I want to capture one column of the row selected on the double click and pass that:

RunID =, “RunID”) // rowIndex of table row selected, column RunID

system.nav.openWindow(“ProdUpdate”, {“RunID”:RunID}) //RunID the custom property on the popup

There is a custom property on the ProdUpdate popup window, RunID. I have a label on this window whose Text property is bound to it , to display the data.
When running it in the designer the first time, it all seems to work and displays what I need, but if I exit this pop up window to select a different row and double click to invoke / show the form and pass it the different column, the value is just a ‘0’ then, doesn’t work…
Why is this?

I haven’t tried it with the Client Launcher, only the designer, but I would like to have it work that way in the designer, that I exit the window , select a different row and have it pass the new value. Thanks all!

I found the problem. I accidentally had the custom property bound for some reason, so must have been getting over-ridden from what was being passed. Doing a No Bind seemed to fix it.