Passing parameter to popup window with perspective.openPopup

I am trying to open a popup window with system.perspective.openPopup.

The popup window has a PARAM passed in called Date that comes from previous window

This works if I pass the parameter using the “traditional” method.

When I try to do this in scripting, I can’t seem to get the date to pass.

system.perspective.openPopup('WINDOW_UPUP', 'Small Views/CheckOutConfirmation', params = {'Date': view.params.Date})

Any ideas?

Hoping this can help someone in the future.

I was able to get this to work by passing in the Identifer on the “Configure Popup Action” to the id in the script.

system.perspective.openPopup('WINDOW_UPUP', ...

is now

system.perspective.openPopup('SA1fm1r9', ...