Passing parameters to a popup window

I know that for popups of similar types, we can pass parameters to the popup.

However i would like to know if it is possible to pass parameter to the popup window and obtain a slighly different popup instance.

Eg :
I have four valves V1, V2 , V3 and V4. Temperature Transmitter TT1, TT2

When I click on Valve1, the valve number is passed as a parameter to the pop up window.
The pop up should indictate the Interlock conditions for that Valve and show the status of the interlocked valves(‘Cross’ if interlock is not satisfied for that valve and ‘Tick’ if satisfied).
For openingV1, V2 should be closed and V3 should be closed.
It is all good, if I have simliar interlocks for all the valves. (one popup tempelate with parameter passing)
But that isn’t the case. For V5 , my interlock is with V4 and TT1 and TT2
Now, if the interlock is different i’ll have to create a separate popup template for each interlock.
And if I have 150 valves with different interlocks, I’ll have to create 150 popup templates. :open_mouth:

Or is there an easier way ? :question:

im not quite sure what you want to do, but ill throw out a suggestion anyway.

perhaps you can pass another parameter to the window, lets call it valveAlignment, and an integer datatype.

from there you would setup templates or groups that look at that valveAlignment parameter and if it is a certain integer value, make it visible and enabled. if it isnt, disable and make it not visible.

ex a value of one would enable this configuration, a value of 2 would enable another type of configuration, etc.

then in your screens, put whatever integer value you need on the valve that the user clicks on.

I dont think you would save much time doing that, but at least it would all be consolidated on one window.