Passing Parameters to Applets

We have an existing LAMP intranet site which provides performance data for 16 machines.

I am integrating an FPMI display as an applet in these web pages and are looking for a way to pass parameters (eg: machine id, reporting range,…) into the applet so that one applet can be used for any machine or session.

Is there a way to access the applet’s PARAM tags within the FPMI framework?

I have tried using a different auto-login name for each machine, which let’s me determine the machine from within the applet, but I still can’t determine the reporting range for the user’s web session.

There isn’t a really graceful way, but if you have an event object (i.e. if you are writing an action script) you can walk all the way up the component hierarchy to the JApplet container.

Like so:

[code]from javax.swing import JApplet
from javax.swing import SwingUtilities

applet = SwingUtilities.getAncestorOfClass(JApplet, event.source)
if applet != None:
print applet.getParameter(“MyParamName”)
print “Not in Applet mode”[/code]

Hope this helps,

That’s far more graceful than anything I could come up with :exclamation:

I’ve used your code in an action script triggered by InternalFrameOpened and write all my PARAM’s to client tags for later use.

Works great :thumb_left: