Passing Table Name To Named Query

“The simple things you see are all complicated”. I have a simple named Query called Event_Display_Q.
The Query is SELECT * FROM Table_Name. I am trying to pass a dynamic value into the Table_Name part of the query. The Parameter is a QyeryString. I have attempted :Table_Name, ‘:Table_Name’, {Table_Name}, {‘Table_Name’}, {:Table_Name}, and probably moe that I can not remember. Every thing I have tried gives me a syntax error. Any suggestions?

The correct format for query string parameters is {Table_Name}. No colon. Any syntax error with that in the query above is caused by the string you supply.

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Like Phil said.

But one handy tip for the future is you can drag and drop those parameters down into your query and they will be correctly formatted. Handy for things like QueryStrings which hopefully you aren’t using that often.

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