Passing Tag Path to Easy Chart


I am trying to pass the full tag path from a custom property into the easy chart Tag Pens. When I try to pass the full path its not pulling any data into the trend. I see how I can use the cell update to set the tag path to my custom property, but when I do that the trend doesn’t show any data. For example, my tag path for one of the PV values is [RD_Tower]Unwind/TN001/PV

Hello Kyle.

If it is a popup of an instance UDT, you have to change the tagpath with Cell Update.
I type the value always myself like this:
{Root Container.UDT::Meta.TagPath}/tag
The folder Meta is not visible in the tag browser but has your TagPath and TagName in it.
After that you can search the specific tag you want in the chart.

So my tag path when I copy it from the tag browser comes in as: [RD_Tower]Unwind/TN001/PV

I have a custom property that is set to this exact string value and gets passed to my trend popup custom property. I then have that custom property on the trend popup set to my cell update. see images below. Everything looks ok but its not pulling any data in…when I set the tag manually it pulls in the data and shows the expected trend line.

This is my custom property with its static value.

This is my trend set to the cell update custom property value.

Check that the tag path you’re passing into the cell update is exactly the same as the tag path you see when you add a tag manually to the chart. What is RD_Tower? Is this the sql server connection name?

Thanks…the [RD_Tower] is the project name. Once I dropped it from the tag name it pulled the data into the trend. Thanks for the help.

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Yep, remember that tags are not part of a project, they’re part of the gateway, as are tag history providers