Passing tag values at Midnight

I have a numeric input field that is bound to indirect tags based on the selection of two dropdown menus (site, product ID). The input field is used to predict the number of loads of a specified product at the specified plant for a certain date (today, today+1, today +2, today+3).

I currently have a transaction group that passes the tag values to a table at midnight.

How can I reset the (tag values) to zero at midnight?

Well, you can create a standard transaction group that is triggered off of an expression:dateFormat(now(0), "HH:mm") = "00:00"Make sure the trigger is set to “Only Execute Once While Trigger is Active” so the group only runs once.

Next, add all of the tags you want to clear out to the group and make them “Read-Only” for the Target. You then need to create an expression item per tag that has an expression:0and is set to write back to the tag you want to clear out.

Make sure the group has the “Automatically Create Table” checkbox and any other checkbox going to the database unchecked so the group doesn’t interface with the db.

That should help you get started. Please let us know if you have any problems or further questions.