Passing .txt file content to Label object

I am trying to display Operator Work Instructions on a screen with the “label” object. Because these work instructions can be somewhat lengthy (string size of more than 400 characters) I would like to save the work instructions to a text file, then bring them up on the screen by passing a filepath to the “label” object.

I am currently trying to use the system.file.readFileAsString(filepath) function but I’m having no luck.

Version 7.7.5


Do you need to use a Label Component or could you use the Document Viewer Component? That would allow you to read the text file directly from the server or local client machine. Also, handles big chunks of text better than the Label Component (i.e. - scrolling).

Good Luck!

In 7.9.9 I do not see the Document Viewer Component. I would like to display a list of instructions to operators where each instruction could be lengthy, maybe a couple hundred characters. Also need the ability to indicate which steps are complete to the operators.