Passing UDT instance in Template Canvas

Hi all,

I am using a template canvas to display multiple instances of a template that uses a UDT as template parameters. However I can’t seem to pass a tag instance of that UDT into the template canvas. Can this be done? or can you only pass in simple parameters like a string or a number?

Another question related to Template Canvas. I am using Ignition 7.9 and it doesn’t look like you can specify the z-order when you add a template to the canvas like shown in the tutorial video. The z-order seems to depend on the order of the templates in the canvas dataset. Is this correct?

Thanks a lot.

UDT instances cannot be placed inside datasets, which is how parameters for templates in the canvas and repeater are passed. So, no. Pass the tagpath to the instance instead, as a string parameter, and indirect bind in the template.

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Thanks! @pturmel