Passing value to Table Component

I created some columns and rows on a table component and want to pars values of a tag to one of the columns, how can i do that?

What graphics module?
When you say you want to pass values of a tag to one of the columns, do you want every row of that column to have the same value as the tag in it?
Are you populating the table already? If so, how?

Without knowing any of those answers, I’ll take a stab and say that you can either use a cell update binding on each row of the table for the column you’re after, or use scripting to create the dataset and populate that column with your tag’s value

I want only a particular column to update with valaue of tag so as to map it with another column to show good, High or Low. You can also help with the scripting code. Thank you

Can’t help without knowing what graphics module you’re using (Vision or Perspective).

So you have a column with tag names and a column that needs to show the tags’ statuses?

Are you populating the tag names in your table manually/statically?

If I assume you’re using Vision, then the easiest way to do this would be to use a Template to display each row use the Template Repeater to create the “table”.

Otherwise (assuming you have a statically populated table) you can use a Cell Update binding on the table. You will need to create a custom property on your table for each of the tags you have displayed. These custom properties would then have an expression binding e.g.
if({tagPath} > 100, 'HIGH', if({tagPath} < 20, 'LOW', 'GOOD'))
and then use a Cell Update binding on the table for the status cell of each of table row. This way is very long-winded and is far less adaptable. I would use the Template Repeater method, as you also get to customise the look of the rows and exactly how the data is presented

I have populated the table. How can state the active alarm will activeAck, ActiveNack etc and how can i filter it to tag per popup?


Is this question related to the posted topic, or something different?

And again, assuming you’re using Vision, as you still haven’t told me…

Should I read this as: you want to open a popup for a device and display the alarms just for that device?
If so, you would use an Alarm Status table component and bind the device tag path to the source filter.