Password Field and Numeric keypad

Hey when I pop up a keyboard it shows the echo Character. When I pop up a numeric keypad it shows the numbers. Am I missing something here?? :scratch:

Using touch screens and “system.gui.showNumericKeypad”

Can I get the echo in numeric keypad also?

Are you talking about the Password Field component? If so, it uses the standard keypad that also has numbers on it, not the numeric keypad. :scratch: Can you explain a little more about why you want to use the numeric keypad instead?

Its a “PIN” number, no alpha in it. Thinking it would be nice to have just a number pad instead of full qwerty pop up. Kind of a indication you are just entering numbers. Makes the project look cleaner I think.

Make sense?

Yeah, that makes sense but the numeric keypad doesn’t support echo characters presently.

But it will in the near future? Sure would be nice…Hint hint :prayer: