Password field is not contained in a form

I created a user management view, very similar to the one in vision. I get an error in the console, Password field is not contained in a form. If I search this it looks like this is a warning based on Chrome. Any cause for concern on this? I’m not really worried if I followed best practice for web pages, just making sure I don’t have a security issue.

It’s benign and not a security concern.

In order to force the password-type behavior users expect (masked characters, password reveal) we needed to make the input a password field. Chrome doesn’t like when <input> elements are not contained in <form> elements. An option available to us is to wrap the Password Field in a wrapper <form>, but then there are theming considerations which could come into play. We originally elected to leave the input as-is, rather then curtail theming of the component by users.

Thank you for the explanation.

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