Password(or user) not longer available after DEMO project restored

Hey, I just start learning Ignition, so some quit basic question to ask…
After Ignition V8.1 installation done, I restored the DEMO “Ignition 8.0 Demo Server_Ignition-backup-20200408-1653” to system.
But after the restore done, I found log in always failed due to “The username/password combination entered is invalid” .
What I should do in this case?
p.s. MySQL is not installed, instead of MSSQL is installed. Maybe this is reason? I’m not sure.

Did you try ignition/ignition as the username/password combination?

To add to Ben’s comment: A gateway backup includes all of the user definitions in the original gateway, and they replace what was in your gateway to start with.

Hi Ben, many thanks for your reply! But ignition/ignition doesn’t work, any other default combination could be?

Ok, I found it in a former topic - “admin/password”. Thanks again!


Many thanks for your comments! to show me the root reason.

FYI, as long as you have access to the server hosting the Ignition gateway, you can reset the password using the Command Line Utility with gwcmd -p

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Get, many thanks for the prompt!

I’m playing with loading up the the Ignition demo project in January 2022 and the issue remains, the gateway administrator username/password is not provided in the instructions/documentation and the usual combination of ignition/ignition does not work. As @zxy pointed out admin/password does work.

@Kevin.Herron who should be contacted to update the instructions page? I assume this information is not left out intentionally?