Password protection of toggle switch and button actions

Hello everyone,
I really need help setting password protection for button and toggle switch actions. My goal is to have a pop up keypad that allows users to enter password when the button/toggle switch clicked and actions of the buttons/toggle switch only take effect when the user input password == the preconfigured password.
I will greatly appreciate a step by step guide on how to go about this.

Require a user to log in before doing anything and then use session props to see if the user is authorized. Enable/disable components entirely based on authorization.

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How I would go about this is:

  1. Create a custom session property to save the preconfigured pin.
  2. Create a view for the keypad, I went ahead and threw together a quick one for you (6.1 KB)
  3. In this view, insert the code you actually want to execute in the "OK" button for example.
  4. Call the view as a popup on your interface.

Then that should be it

I have to say something about this approach: preconfigured passwords are as useful as no password. You're far better off prompting the user with an authentication challenge.