Password required after certain operation

I have a slider with numbers 1 to 4 and i made so when each number is selected, it perform a certain action (in this case, it hides and unhides certain components). Is possible to make a popup window asking for a password (i can create this view and put a text box and label) and then if the password is the same as one "predefined" (for now) then it accpets the slider change but if not then the slider goes back to his last position.
Is it possible? and can i get any help in doing it?
For context: The goal is to make certain definitions only visible to certain people, in this case parents, so others cannot change those without knowing the password.
Thank you

Consider changing your procedure. Changing things "back" when auth fails is an anti-pattern. You generally cannot prevent the original change from propagating while waiting for auth. You should present a button to start auth, and when complete, configure and enable the slider with the allowed options.

Why not use the built-in authentication ?
Then you get built-in functions and variables to help with this.

So i created user and roles in security in an attempt to make some buttons only work with certain roles.
Now i am trying to create a security on the slider, that only some roles can access. Like i learned in "Inductive University". But i cannot see the option to create that security in the component.
I have ignition maker edition, could that be the cause? Because i cant also login with the user i just created.

I studied a little bit more about the subject and realise i can create users and roles. But i do not think i can select which can see what. I think it is a Vision configuration, yet i am still confused why i can create roles and users if i cant use them.
Can someone give me i brief explanation, pls? i am not understanding if there is a way around or i need to upgrade my ignition maker edition to pro edition and use Vision to create the Admin Roles so that the "client" cannot see the Configure button but the Admin can.

I don't think there's any limitation to the use of users/roles for security on Maker edition. Can you right-click the component and select Security? It may open auto-hidden, or open in place of your property editor, so look closely at the ribbons. You should be able to uncheck Inherit Permissions, select Hide, and exempt your Admin role.

Are you able to successfully log users in/out?


Maker is Perspective only, so no per-component security the same way. You can set up e.g. bindings on visibility, but that's a poor substitute, security wise; someone could reach into the web page source and show your components.

Didn't realize it's Perspective only. How soon after Perspective came out was that change made? What's the rationale there, just that Vision is more SCADA-heavy, so it would be more likely to be abused?

Perspective came out well before Maker edition.

I think the primary rationale is that Perspective is a lot more useful for hobbyists/the segment Maker targets, since it's immediately usable on mobile devices and web browsers, and explaining the different visualization systems to that segment was not desirable. But I also wasn't part of the decision making, so I can't say for sure.

I just jumped into Ignition in the last 18-ish months, so I wasn't aware of the full history. Thanks for the insight. OP also didn't mention specifically Vision or Perspective.