Password Reset Internal Error

Has anyone else ever had an issue with the password reset gwcmd utility, that causes the web login to just spin and goto the “Internal Error” page? After clicking login it just spins, never gives an option to enter credentials, and errors out.

However, the Designer login does work, just not the web login.

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Did you restart Ignition? In v8.1, that operation causes the gateway to re-enter commissioning mode.

@pturmel appreciate the response!

Rebooted, restarted with gwcmd, stop/start via systemctl....many times. Working with IA support also. Just hoping someone in the community has ran into this. IA was able to load a backup from our gateway and login just fine. We, however, can not login via the web browser, only designer.

We did notice in the browser console that it seems to be hitting the /data/status/trial over and over and over until it errors out.

Consider trimming the module files in the install by half (or just take out all of them) to see if you can get in. Then add back one by one until it breaks, or you get all the way back running.

Maybe let IA take a filesystem snapshot to play with in their own lab while you try to get running.

Good idea. I will pass this on to IA and see what they say. Appreciate you!