PathToParentFolder from a standard tag


From a UDT you can access the default parameter {PathToParentFolder}, but you cannot from a standard tag.
Is there a way to get the parent folder path from a standard tag?


Standard Tag

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For expression tags you would use relative tag paths to traverse the tag tree structure.

See this page in the manual for an explanation of how relative paths work.

I don’t need the position in the Parent tag, I need to know the path of the Parent tag. That is, I need a text string.
With {[.]} you are placed on the path of the parent tag, but you don’t get the text string of that path.

Can you explain your use case ? Why do you need that path, what are you trying to do (and NOT how you’re trying to do it) ?


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I need to save in a tag the path of the tag itself, which can change dynamically.
It would be very easy if {PathToParentFolder} could be used in a Standard Tag.

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But why? This is what Pascal is asking.

There are options using a tag change or gateway event script that will have the tag path.

It cannot be, and likely won’t be, and even if it could, it would be in a future version that doesn’t solve your current problem. So give it up. Please explain why you need this–what are you going to do with that tagpath–so we can help you arrive at a solution to your task by some other method.

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