Pause a chart via property or Tag

Hi All,
Is there a way to pause a RealTime chart through a property binding or a Tag?
I read a post on this forum about someone asking the same question but it was in 2012
The given solution on that post will not fit for my purposes :sweat_smile:

I have added a multi state button to the ez-chart. Then on the ez-chart bind the chart mode to the multi-state button control value. On the multi-state button then bind the Indicator value to the control value so the button will update when you click it. Change to text on the button to match the modes of the chart and manual seems to make the chart stop. added bennifit, your operators can change the chart to different modes.

Thank for your response Tom.
But it seems that changing the chart’s mode ( from RealTime to Manual or Historical ) cause something weird.
If I change from RealTime to Manual, all my data are erased from the chart ( they are still present inside the DB )
If I change from RealTime to Historical, the chart will display all the data, instead of only the seconds/minutes set on top of it ( you know the little input box on top of the RealTime chart). This wouldn’t be an issue, the operator just has to zoom on the chart but it seems that the zoom mode is not working while in Historical mode.

There’s no bumpless transfer from one EasyChart mode to another… you’ll have to script the copying of date ranges from realtime mode to the historical or manual modes.

Ok, I’ll script it.
Thank you all for the answers :slight_smile: