Pause voice


I want to add a delay between someone picking up the phone and the start of the greeting message.
Now the operator pushes the button on the phone to answer and if the phone is at his ear the message has already started.



As far as the system goes, it starts playing after the state of the call goes from “Ringing” to “Talking”. When this happens, though, is up to the VOIP system, and it is unfortunately somewhat difficult to get right. That’s why, as a fall back, we simply play the greeting over and over again until someone presses a button. That way, the actual details of the alarm never get missed.

What type of VOIP system are you using? Asterisk has some more advanced settings that have been fairly useful in preventing this (namely, the “advanced call progress (callprogress)” property).


Our PBX is from Aastra if that helps…

But isn’t there any special string available that I can enter to put a pause into a message?
I’ve tried extra spaces and comma’s but none of them help.