Pdf access


Similar to this. How do give clients access to pdf file without having the file on each client laptop

Are you using the pdf viewer in the reporting module?

If so, you either need to map a network drive or make the pdf available via a url.

You could store the pdf in the database -

Here is an article to read.

Not sure what database you are using.

I would like to see others input on this with different database systems as well, if its not off topic.

Yes Kathy pdf viewer. so the client pc would have to map network drive to the server folder??
The server is within a DMZ on the network so not sure that is possible

Thanks Pat I will look at that option too.
Jim files are under 256k

I cant speak for 7.7, but 7.5 and 7.6 will allow you to host files using ignitions webserver. outside of that what was already mentioned are your only options.
see here


Thanks diat150 can give that a try too.