PDF auto generated

Can the report module automatically generate PDF’s with identifying name such as date time and monitor how many files are in a folder to allow them to be deleted after a length of time?

Creating a unique name is easy. You can place a timestamp into the file name to make it unique. You will just need to make the reference in the filepath. To check the number of files and delete some of them could be accomplished with a batch file. You can create the batch file and run it with a system.util.execute. I found this with a google search

stackoverflow.com/questions/5105 … han-n-days

You will need to have a client open on the report to do this automatically. Here is a link to another forum post that goes over the emailing of reports. You just need to modify your script to save the file versus email it. There are some great tips to look at though

inductiveautomation.com/forum/vi … &sk=t&sd=a