PDF Links in a Vision Window

I want to create a support page for my application. A simple window with a bunch of text and links that will open PDFs located on my server. Seems pretty simple but I can’t seem to find out how to do it. I see that you can create links in Perspective but this is a Vision app.

I looked at the forum posts and went through the docs but if I missed something, my apologies in advance.


I would think you have 3 options. All would involve a button acting as your link.

You can use system.util.execute() to open a pdf program and load it into it.

Or you can create a popup with the PDF viewer that you load the file path based on a parameter you pass through your button.

The third is if the documents are stored in your database then you can query the bytes and use the loadPDFBytes() function of the PDF viewer to load your PDF.

For the first 2 you have to have the PDF’s on a shared drive that all your clients can access. For the 3rd option the shared drive isn’t required since you will download it from the database as you need it.