PDF Module

I have downloaded and installed the new pdf module ICE PDF 2.7.0 (b2014071516).
I created a project with the network file path tied to a tag.
Every time the project first opens it casts an error:
“ICDpdf could not open the specified file at -1
The file may be corrupt or not a supported file type”
then loads the file behind the error. After that when the
tag changes the pdf changes and no more errors until next restart.
Is there any way to suppress this error on first open?
I tried using a local file then a script from a label to update, but nothing seems to stop this error.
Am trying to get this to work on a terminal with no keyboard/mouse to clear the error off.

I’ve never used this module, but can you make a custom property and bind the tag to that? Then in the property change event for your custom property evaluate the new value. If it appears valid (not -1) then set the network file path to that value.