PDF saving/printing from report viewer

I am experiencing several issues with the Report Viewer using Ignition 7.6.6.

  1. When I right click, and choose print, the printout is not displayed correctly, and is of general poor quality. Margins are off and print is illegible.

  2. When I right click and choose save as PDF, when I try to open the document, it opens slowly. Only the data in the report displays at first, and then the form background appears after several seconds. Some users only see the data; the form background never comes through. Strangely, if they print out the PDF in Adobe Acrobat, the whole report comes through.

Is there an alternate method for printing the report through Ignition that will not degrade the quality?

Why is the PDF not displaying correct for some users?


Was this ever addressed? I have a similar issue:

  • Right Click and Save as PDF: a PDF file is created but it is empty (0KB) and nothing shows up in the reporting log (I have them all on Trace)

  • Right Click and Print: Text box components render clearly. Chart components (including the text on legends and axes) is pixelated…as if it was stretched too much.

Partial report screenshot below. Blue circles are text boxes. Red circles are chart components.

Disregard my previous post! I found the answer here:

Turns out my report was too big. I maximized the Client memory and it still wouldn’t run. So I broke it up into multiple smaller reports. Now I’m good. :slight_smile: