PDF Viewer Cluttering Font


I am using a PDF Viewer and on my images that have text it appears that the text is getting cluttered together. Is this a bug or something I can fix? I have tried all page fit modes and none resolve the issue. I am using Ignition v7.9.7

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This is an issue with the embedded PDF renderer in the PDF viewer component. We’re waiting on an update from them that (we’re hoping) will resolve it.

@PGriffith How soon do you anticipate there being a fix for this?

We’ll start testing in-house once IcePDF 6.4 is released, and then it should go into an Ignition version sometime after that point. Since we can’t guarantee when IcePDF will release an update, we can’t guarantee an Ignition version for the fix.

We are also having this issue. Tried installing the font on the Windows Server gateway but that did not help.

Any news on a fix?

Folks, I have a possible work-around ( yet you may find it less than satisfactory - sorry )
Consider printing the PDF document outside of Ignition, then using an OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) program to extract the text. This will not be particularly good for those documents with gridlines, because they would have to be added again.
Some of the early major-manufacturer inkjet printers included a CDROM version of that OCR software, yet it was often just a way to sell a better-enabled product. If you did get a good OCR program, it could be used to extract the text. Once that is done, the text could be changed to a more suitable input. You might consider trying something simple like an Arial font, something familiar like the Lucida Sans as supplied by Oracle, or something that has special emphasis on being easy-to-read. For an inexpensive solution, I like Times New Roman. Another alternative would be Google Noto Sans. If your text contains a lot of numbers, look closely at the number zero compared to the capital Letter O. The schools have started to teach folks about the use of the ‘Danish’ stroke zero as a way to keep them distinct.
A footnote- because of the changes involved with Oracle and Java, that Lucida Sans font in use up to Ignition 7.9.10 will go to Google Noto Sans upon upgrade. Disclaimer: Oracle and Google have Trademark/Copyright/Etc. names and are not responsible for these changes in Ignition. I am simply repeating what has been seen on the forums with some new suggestions added re: OCR and fonts. I am the messenger of the changes, not the software author(s) of the changes.