PDF Viewer: Designer Session File Path Overrides Binding Path

I have a project that is used at several work stations. The project has a PDF viewer component indirectly bound to the associated UDT file path tag for each station. When I save the project from the designer, which ever pdf I have open in the designer is what displays for all of the clients despite the fact that their bound file path is different.

For example, if I have foo.pdf open in the designer, then save, all of the clients will refresh and load the foo.pdf file even though the current file path of the viewer is bar.pdf


I figured the problem out. I had my filePath binding as bidirectional using a script to set the property which then writes to the tag. When I saved the project, the bidirectional binding wrote over the current path when loading. By changing the filePath tag to a concat expression of the directory and the current file name, updates no longer override each station’s file path. This was just a poor setup by me.