PDF Viewer Issues - Missing Save button

I am having a problem with the PDF Viewer. The toolbar should like like this:

Screenshot 1

As one can see from the reference material, the Save icon is visible. However, when I run the window in either the designer or client I get this:

Any ideas or fixes?

What version of Ignition is this?

The save button was recently-ish hidden from view, because it doesn’t actually work without buying IcePDF Pro.

Hello Paul.

Thank you for the clarification.

Attached is a screenshot showing my vesion:

Another question that I have is with respect to the print function. I will be using some copyrighted material (with author´s permission) that can be shown, but not distributed - i.e. printed or downloaded. Would it be possible to diasble the print function without losing the rest of the toolbar?

Yes, but ‘order of operations’ might be tricky here. You can put this code into a startup event on the window in question, but you’ll want to make sure to set it back to true it if you need to display a PDF viewer that can print. There’s probably a better way to do it directly on the component, but this works pretty well:

from org.icepdf.ri.util import PropertiesManager

pm = PropertiesManager.getInstance()

pm.setBoolean("application.toolbar.show.utility.print", False)
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Thank you Paul.

I will give it a try.

Hello Paul.

Your solution worked perfectly. Thank you!

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Old post, but I have one question about it: if I buy the IcePDF Pro license, does the Save Button appear also in the Ignition PDF Viewer component?

Thanks, regards

I have no idea how IcePDF’s pro license works or how it’s applied. You should talk to our sales engineering department.