PDF Viewer issues

I downloaded the viewer in the Marketplace last week and everything seems to work fine the first time the pdf is viewed, on navigating away from the window the viewer is located and coming back though the pdf is no longer visible and the viewer controls are greyed out and inactive.

I was using a tab strip for navigation between main windows initially but I did try using a popup window with the open/close nav option vs the windows swap the tab strip provides, same results. The file is on a lettered network drive, I moved it to the root of C:, same results. I directly entered the filepath in the property editor of the viewer and alternately bound it with an expression, same results.

I’m new to Ignition and have been trying to get up to speed. I’m very impressed with the tech support and the community thus far. Thanks!


Robert McKenzie looked at my project and turned the caching off for the window the viewer was in, it’s working now but they’re going to investigate further.