PDF Viewer Module Issue...v2.7.0

I’ve noticed that with Rockwell pdf manuals, the text spacing is not properly being recognized by the pdf viewer module. I have only seen this with Rockell manuals so far. Opening them with Adobe reader presents the PDF file properly. Text is overlapping throughout the document.

Ignition v7.7.1 rc1

Looks like font substitution. Which is weird, because the fonts are embedded into the document.

Myriad Pro is the font you’re looking for. Try installing the font and see if that makes a difference.

There may be other fonts being substituted, but the output may still be acceptable. Case-by-case… :unamused:
myriad-pro.zip (571 KB)

Little bit better with that…

copy/pasted into c:\windows\fonts, restarted the client session.

The body of the text still isn’t great.