PDF Viewer Module V2.7 API mismatch

Hi guys,

I have some older projects that use the IA Labs PDF Viewer Module V2.7 which is not compatible with Ignition V7.8 [API Mismatch].

Therefore I can not open the window containing the PDF viewer component in order to replace it with the Reporting Module PDF Viewer.

Is there any plans to update the old PDF viewer to V2.8? Or is there a work around/ hack i can do to get access to the window?



I have been trying this too.
No luck, any update?

Hi Gents,

We’ve got a fix coming in 7.8.1. In the meantime, we did build the IA Labs PDF Viewer module for 7.8 so you can convert your old windows to the new Reporting PDF-Viewer.

Note: We do not recommend running this viewer long-term as it may result in dependency errors with Reporting in 7.8+. However, it should allow you the ability to open designer Windows that have IA-Labs PDF components and let you copy settings, bindings, etc. Just uninstall the module when you are done updating your projects.
PDFViewer-module-780.modl (1.11 MB)

Many thanks

Will give it ago.