PDF Viewer Performance

I’m using the PDF Viewer component in a vision client and it becomes exceptionally slow when trying to serve PDF documents larger than 400KB. It can take up to 2 minutes to render a page.

Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t see any settings for effecting quality. Perhaps its just the performance of my machine (raspberry pi 3B)?

Using Ignition 7.9.11 and Reporting Module 4.9.11.

It seems that another user, FLi, had an issue which pertained to PDF- and this is the citation that he made:
http://res.icesoft.org/docs/icepdf/v4_3_2/viewer/javadocs/org/icepdf/ri/common/SwingController.html and since that is not original work ( it sorta violates the system policies ) I will then say that
Raspberry Pi users used to get ‘razzed’ all the time about availale resources, eg. memory. There is a guru on this board, Jordan Clark, who regularly posts suggestions about Pi software. Another user has recommended that I always add: https://support.inductiveautomation.com and I always recommend looking at the Policy section there regarding support options which vary with your account. Finally, FYI- I have a collection of posts regarding PDF action changes for different versions of Ignition. Note that your performance of PDF document movement depends on not just the speed of your link connection to the target server- it also depends on other overhead including the protocol(s) in use. The error checking could be minimized by use of a non-IP protocol, yet I hesitate to suggest that without knowing if your communications path is relatively error-free.
Finally, let’s add this for some understanding of the migration to Ign 8 from 7.8/7.9
PDF report linking