PDFViewer became blurred

We used PDFViewer object but few pdf file can't be displayed clearly. The file can be displayed clearly when I opened the file by adobe reader. How could I fix this issue? Thanks.

There are limitations in the capabilities of the PDF viewer component, though images in particular have one small bug that's resolved in more recent versions. What ignition version are you using?

You can also try the Web Browser module, which uses a different PDF rendering stack (that of the Chromium browser); it usually has better rendering.

ignition Version: 8.1.23
The current vision project is very complex, If we use web browser module, we have to spend a lot time to develop function again. : (

what fuctions have you tied to a pdf viewer componet?
there was an update to pdf viewer in 8.1.27

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Thanks, I'll update the new version.

I think Paul was suggesting 1:1 swapping just the PDF Viewer component for the Web Browser component, and handing it the PDF URLs. Not a complete redesign.

But anyways, only if upgrading doesn't help.

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