Peer Missing on Master

I have a Master/Backup redundant configuration. It is ok when connected, but the Master connection to the Backup fails at some point every day, resulting in at Peer Missing message on the Master but the peer is still connected on the Backup.

Has anyone encountered this and resolved it?

These are running on Win 10, Ignition v 8.0.10, to be deployed to a client when development is complete.

Struggling with the same issue. Any updates on this?

I have the same issue and have an active support issue with this. Maybe contact support to add some extra info. They are not able to replicate this

I’ll have to open a support case too now, I’m commissioning the system and its still happening.
Not a good look for the client, even though it doesn’t seem to be causing any other issues.

I have noticed a number of log entries like this:

Clock drift, degraded performance, or pause-the-world detected. Max allowed deviation=1000ms, actual deviation=10540ms

The system is only running Ignition on both servers, so I don’t see why clock drift could be happening.

Hi Anthony,

You can refer to support case 118659.

I have provided a lot of logs and they may have seen something interesting. I’m awaiting feedback.


Read the error text again. The thread that is making the report cannot distinguish the reason its timer was delayed, so it simply reports the three most likely causes. In the past, I would say pause-the-world was the most likely culprit. Since G1GC became the default, I would say degraded performance is the most likely culprit.