Pen Display Error

My pens will not display in the easy chart designer. I had them working initially but as i have increased the number of tags that i am storing historical information for i cannot get my pens to appear. I am running ignition 7.5.5. I have tried deleting my data cache to help clear up the issue and this did not solve the problem. I am getting an error in my console that i believe is the issue but can’t figure out exactly what it is. The error is : StoreAndForward.MYDB.MemoryStore.MemoryForwardTransaction Error Forwarding Data : ORA-01653: UNABLE TO EXTEND TABLE SYSTEM.SQLT_DATA_1_2013_03 by 128 in tablespace SYSTEM any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

It sounds like your store and forward is full, and your database table may be full also. Check your database connection, make sure you are connected. If you click on Status, in the gateway, then database connections, you will see error messages related to database connections. In the database, check the configuration to see if the database table is allowed to grow in size. The table that is referenced in the error message is one that Ignition creates in your database to store tag data.

It appears that my database connection is solid showing verified, i have allowed more entries in my store and forward and tried disabling partitioning in my database none of these things have changed my results. Any other ideas?

Your database table is probably not configured to grow in size. Take a look at this google search … e&ie=UTF-8

Sorry i took so long to get back just wanted to thank you for the help it was indeed that my table wasn’t set to auto expand. Thanks again.

Glad to hear that you have it fixed.