Pen Visibility and X-Trace on Power Chart

After a PowerChart has been setup and Pens defined, is it possible to:
a) Bind the specific pen X-Trace visibility based off pen selection visibility (See Screenshot - I have the first 3 pens shut off in the legend, but the values still show up in the X-Trace).

b) Modify the Legend size so that all can be viewed rather than the side arrows (There are more pens than the legend can display, so the PowerChart adds the grey side arrows, see Screenshot).

That looks like a bug. I can’t see any use for behavior as is; it should work as you suggest where pens that are off don’t show up in X-Trace.

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The issue with the scroll bar has been logged for future updates, but no action as yet it seems.

@koryk I have made a feature request for your item a) here: