Pending Status While Using Multistate Button in Perspective

While using Multistate button in perspective It’s Showing Pending Status for few Seconds.
Anyway I’m getting the input but I want to know whether it’s Network issue or something else.
Can anyone Explain???

Here I attached the screenshot Pending

The Multi-State Button is intended to always show the value of the indicatorValue. When a state of the button is clicked and the indicatorValue might change (99.9% of the time through a binding), the component can’t actually change the display state until the binding completes. The time for the binding to complete is equal to the amount of time it takes for the session to communicate with the Gateway, plus the time it takes for the Gateway to communicate a successful tag write back to the Session.

Faster connection speeds on either the session-end or the Gateway-end can reduce the amount of time the overlay is present, or you can configure the binding itself to not display the overlay:
Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 7.31.40AM

@cmallonee Thanks for the info…
But i’m still confusing.I tried the same thing(same tag,same component) in newly created project that’s working properly(without any delay).Can you help me to figure out the exact problem?

Without having the View on my workstation I’m afraid not. If you’d like to send me the view.json view resource which contains the button I can take a look at it.

Do you have any transforms or additional scripts which are related to the component or the tag?

Here the view.json view format.Template (17.8 KB)
and there is no transforms or additional scripts for this view.