Pens disappears from the PowerChart after linking its source with indirection binding

Hi Community,
I am facing an issue with the indirection of power charts. I want to add dynamic tag bindings to my power chart. Here I am sharing the steps with screenshots that I am following.

Step 1:
Selecting the status tag (sts) in the tag browser of power chart.

Pen appears with the source:

Step 2:
Now I use expression of indirection binding. There is no error in the binding as it can be seen in the image below. view.params.tagPath value is VDC_KL_TestInstances/CB

Step 3:
But when I press apply and ok, the pen disappears and not even showing in the perspective launcher.

What is the issue here?

Hope to hear from you all soon.

What is the value of view.params.tagPath, my guess is that it isn’t what you think it is in the designer.

Have you tried this in a browser?

view.params.tagPath value is VDC_KL_TestInstances/CB

I think that the case matters.

Try this for the expression:

"histprov:IgnitionDB01:/drv:kl_cj2:/tag:" + lower({view.params.tagPath}) + "/status/sts"
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I tried this before but didn’t worked in browser. On perspective launcher, pen doesn’t shown.

Only seen in designer not in launcher

Adding an expression binding in data/source like this resolves the issue.

lower({view.params.tagPath}) + “/system/sts”

No need to enter like this:
“histprov:IgnitionDB01:/drv:kl_cj2:/tag:” + lower({view.params.tagPath}) + “/status/sts”