Per User/Role Designer Access

Would it be possible to have per user/role access to the designer projects.

Basically, I would like to have finer controls on designer access. It would be nice to have superuser configuration perhaps the one that is currently in Gateway Config settings. It would be nice to limit creation of new projects to that user/role as well as have the option to limit which projects can be viewed/loaded by role in designer similar to how we can set who can open a project.

One of servers is given out to a wide range of groups so that they can alter specifics of their individual HMI without going through my team which effectively administers the whole thing. I dont really like giving full access especially since all groups dont necessarily need access to each others stuff.


Was this query ever resolved? I am in exactly the same situation, so would be interested to hear the outcome.


Every couple of months somebody asks again for this feature. It’s on their list. Keep asking to keep it near the top.