Performance Dashboard daily running Motor

I would like to create a dashboard for daily motor performance based on the ON/OFF status
We are starting to feed the system at 12 PM a day and based on the limitation of weight if the thing is good and we feed continuously we will finish feeding at 6 or 7 am and we will go next working performance at 12pm, but sometimes we have downtime and we can't reach the goal weight and will go directly to the next performance day, I have a Boolean tag that shows my motos start or stop
the dashboard looks like this
its shows daily performance operation
1 create a client tag to capture time but it's not shown daily

I create an expiration tag to create minutes while the motor running but no luck

any idea what the best way is
I create a transaction group and hours meter, but I can't use them in my page view
I use the report component to but I can't create a percentage per day

Hi jamshidzade,

Looks like you have a support ticket open for this. If you can, please update this post with the conclusion you reach. Thank you!